THE writer will proceed to propose a service/ product that can be used to save failing telecommunication companies.
IN an accompaning whitepaper that is.
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Stoic critic.

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What opportunities exist for youth in agriculture??

To farm or not to farm::What opportunities exist for youth to prosper in agriculture and agribusiness.

Many variables are involved in agriculture weather patterns,cost of land,condition of land,farmers crop choice,consumer demand,compensation,distribution channels and prices also of their products.
For youth then to participate in agribusiness they must be able to help the farmers overcome the challenges of identifying how these variables affect them and their products by creating new services to do this.
It would go to say that by intergrating technology with agriculture most if not all of this challenges can be overcomed.In this post we are going to look at how technology can be used to overcome the pricing,distribution and access to capital for farmers.
Most of the farmers access capital from the banks to finance their farming endeavors,but we are all know this is always a tough sell.So how does technology play into solving this?? Taking a leaf from the stock market,we can see that companies list there so they can access additional funds from the public.This can also be applied to the agriculture sector where individual people are able to lend there money to farmers to finance the agricultural endeavors.Creation of pools of farmers according to what they farm,how long their particular products take to mature,regions that the farmers are in..etc,will allow the youth to invest their money in different sectors of agriculture and get paid after the harvest seasons.The youth can form the platforms to support these pools themselves or they can seek facilitation by companies and orgaisations with the right knowledge on doing so.
Once the harvesting is done these platforms can offer the farmers the best value for their products while putting into consideration all the variables involved.The youth who have invested their money can then either choose between monetary compensation or the products themselves which they can later resell.
It is then clearly evident that as more money is pumped into agriculture in this way,more and more returns can be realised for the parties involved,youth.
The youth can also be allowed to invest in sectors according to information that they themselves have gathered.Since the youth are always keen to outdo their peers,this will lead to a growth in interest about how,when and what affects alot of different agribusiness products.
This is clearly an opportunity that the youth should look to exploit as will see more money reinvested in the sector meaning more returns for them.
The major advantage is that the youth do not have to own land they just have to know about the products and regions of growth which will turn up most returns for them.

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